Fun idea for an engagement session

I am always looking for new ideas, things to make my photography sessions more fun. I always thought that is such a cool idea to use sparklers but I never tried. I know they are mostly used for wedding grand exits, but I absolutely love the idea of adding the use of sparklers on engagement sessions. So a few weeks ago I asked a friend ( she is also a great photographer ) if she would be interested in posing with her boyfriend for my sparklers experiment. I was very excited when she say yes. See below some of our spectacular results! ( and some of our failures too). It was a pretty cold night, this two where such troopers so was my friend and assistant Melissa. I could have not done this without them.

Writing this post makes me want to schedule a new photo shoot, and yes of course sparklers included.  If you’re currently looking for an exciting engagement session adding some sparkle I would love to photograph it! Let me know your plans. I promise it will be a lot of fun!

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